The Digital Embrace

In 2013 we’re part of a web ecosystem where everyone is embracing digital. From the major brands that are a decade into crafting a social strategy to mom-and-pop local businesses just learning how to open a Facebook page, it’s become an integral part of any brand’s marketing plan. 

What we’re still learning is the art of what I’m calling “The Digital Embrace” — that is, making sure the user experience is truly at the core of a digital strategy. Digital interactions, whether by content creators or a brand, should be authentic and engaging. It should be something the user can embrace. It should be warm and genuine social interaction and meaningful content. Most importantly, it should foster loyalty.

The web can often be cruel and heartless in its anonymity.  Organizations and online community influencers have a special opportunity to set the tone as a more positive one, and many are. That sort of kind, meaningful interaction only fosters more of itself on the web.  

This blog will look at all the facets of digital interaction with an aim of exploring how it can truly embrace the users of the web and create an even more collaborative ecosystem for us all to thrive in.

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