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Don’t make assumptions about your users

I was perusing the web’s headlines today, as usual, and this one caught my eye:

Surprised you, too, didn’t it? Not because people are rolling joints. No one’s shocked by that. It’s because as a society we associate certain stereotypes with marijuana users and “incredibly successful” isn’t normally one of them.

Of course I clicked through the Huffington Post article to read about the motivated ganja smokers and the interesting study aiming to dispel the myth. It was a good read, but it reminded me of something even more important: Never make assumptions about people.

Your users, your customers, your readers… they’re all people. Unique people with opinions and needs and desires. And when I stop to listen to the millions of users I interact with daily.. really listen, one at a time… I am incredibly humbled and inspired by the insight they offer me.

So when I’m building a web product or writing content or thinking about outreach to engage with those users, I try very hard to remember not to make assumptions and instead to embrace their input.

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